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Thousands With Credit Card Debt Have
Been Helped By This Program

Why did no one tell Americans with over $15,000 Credit Card Debt about this Program?

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Americans With Credit Card Debt:

There is a program that could help you get rid of credit card debt faster than making minimum monthly payments. If you have over $15,000 in credit card debt and live in an eligible zip code, you could be eligible to get relief from your credit card debt. Additionally, you could have it resolved in as little as 24-48 months¹!

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Get rid of credit card debt

The largest debt relief company in the nation, Debt Relief Life, could help get rid of credit card debt for U.S. Citizens. And with already over $15 billions dollars in settled debt, thousands have been helped by Debt Relief Life.

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Time for debt relief has never been more urgent

With the tens of millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, the time for debt relief has never been more urgent. The credit card companies know this, and they also know that it's better to get something – rather than little or nothing – from consumers who default on debts or declare bankruptcy

How Much Will You Pay?
depend on a variety of factors

When that amount is agreed, the companies you owe
money to could:

  • Settle unaffordable debts
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Create a flexible program to cater to your budget
  • Clients could resolve their debt in as little as 14-48 months

Many Americans in debt don’t know they are eligible for these debt relief programs. Remember, these are free checks and there is absolutely NO COST to see if you are eligible. Instantly find out if you are eligible »

Credit card debt relief is simple

You could begin your path to credit card debt relief in just a few days

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Tell us about your debt

Talk to one of our certified Debt Consultants to see if Freedom Debt Relief could be the right solution for your debt

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See what you could save

Find out how much time and money you could save by partnering with us to resolve your debt

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Enroll in our debt relief program

We will negotiate settlements with your creditors until all of your enrolled debt is behind you

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We cover most unsecured debt and negotiate with major credit card issuers and banks every day to reduce debt